Thursday, October 12, 2006

Life is supreme

I thought I was done with blogs when I left high school. I guess not. Thing is, I like blogging. Its a good way to keep in touch with friends, and it most definately makes it easier to show off my photographs.
Anyways, its funny how life is really like a rollercoaster. This week, for example, felt exactly like a rollercoaster. On monday I had a meeting with the head of the school of Architecture here. She basically told me that it was going to be near impossible to transfer in because of my low high school GPA. This was very discouraging to me because I figured that when I left high school, those silly numbers wouldnt matter anymore. So it goes. So tuesday rolls around and I have a meeting with my academic advisor. I was meeting with her to schedule my winter quarter classes (I get priority registration because of my learning disability.)
To explain some things more specifically, I am in the CAT program here at UC, which stands for Center for Access and Transition. It's basically where they put the people that didnt meet either the minimum GPA requirements, or test score requirement right out of high school. You take different placement tests than everyone else because there are CAT specific classes. I tested out of everything but two maths (one in which I took during the summer) so this is my last quarter in CAT.
Anywho, we got to talking about where I wanted to transfer. I was pretty deadset on either architecture, or urban planning which are in DAAP. DAAP is the design school, and it is very competitive, so I guess the odds were against me. But after a few calls she said that I could transfer into Urban Planning in the winter. Well folks, this basically made my fucking year. I'm going to be starting in the College that I actually wanted to go into finally. I feel like all the hard work I did over the summer has finally paid off. In fact, it's so rare for CAT students to transfer into DAAP that they didnt even have the paperwork for me to fill out. Food for though.
Anyways, I feel great and I feel worthy again. It has been a long time.

Whoo blogs.